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“Percussion Lock” pistols were so called because the lock system causes a percussion cap to be struck by the hammer when the trigger is pulled. Powder inside the cap ignites and this in turn ignites the main powder charge, which propels a lead ball from the barrel.

The original of this pistol was made in Brescia, Italy in about 1825.

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Reproduction of flintlock pistol with 2 barrels made in wood and metal with simulating mechanism of loading and firing.

This pistol was created for Napoleon by his arms manufacturer Nicolas -Noël Boutet in St. Etienne in 1806, and has the Emperor’s badge on the handle. Napoleon used it as a traveling pistol and being a double cannon, it provided a clear advantage against his opponents, due to the slow process of recharge of other flintlock guns of that period.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France (1804-1815), consolidated and instituted many of the reforms of the French Revolution. He is considered one of the greatest military geniuses in history and conqueror of the greater part of Europe. He commanded campaigns very successful warfare, although with certain similar defeats. His aggressive conquest wars became the largest military operations known until that moment in Europe, involving a number of soldiers never seen in the armies of that time.

Feel to be protagonist of these Napoleonic conquests of the early 19th century with the DENIX reproduction of this pistol!

Weight 1.190 kg
Dimensions 37 cm

Brass, Grey, Wood


Metal, Wood



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