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Under SHOP you will find all items that we currently have available. If you do not find what you want, you can send an email to with your request, so we can explore possibilities for importing the item on our next order.

Denix rarely brings back discontinued items into production again. However, if the product you are interested and has been discontinued you can send us an email to and we will contact our re-sellers if they have any in stock.

In case of defects that have occurred during the manufacturing process we will replace your item at no extra charge. You only pay for one-way Shipping and Handling. The item has to be returned at factory condition and in original box.  For  more details you may call support.

If the defect occurs during usage, you may purchase a replacement part at a quoted price. Shipping and Handling fees apply. Replacement parts may take up to 3 months to arrive from factory. For  more details you may call support.

Replacement parts are not available for discontinued (LAST CHANCE) products.

Items manufactured by DENIX are made of a metal alloy, without iron or steel, known as ZAMAK, whose basic component is ZINC (Zn) in 95% of the total.

DENIX factory produces and ships their items every 2 1/2 months. We at TheGunStore-Cy place an order in almost all production schedules.

DENIX strongly discourages the manipulation of their models to modify or alter both their appearance or their functionality. We decline all responsibility for the result of the changes made by the customer in any of our original models.

Denix works with a network of distributors and wholesalers worldwide that sell their products in different countries. Our company is the official distributor of Denix articles in Cyprus. If you are interested on reselling Denix products in your physical store in Cyprus don’t hesitate to contact us by phone to discuss the details.

DENIX, S.A. markets its products in 40 countries and in all exports, regardless of their destination, the same heading always applies: “COMMON METAL ADJUSTMENT OBJECTS” and the same Tariff Schedule (Brussels List) No. 8306 29 00. This confirms the condition of gift and decoration of DENIX products.

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For any other enquiries that are not covered by the Frequently asked Questions Section, or if you just want to share your love for TGSCY you may use the contact form below to




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