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The terms paper knife and letter opener are often used interchangeably to refer to a knife-like desktop tool. In truth, they are actually for different functions and were in use at different times.

Paper knives are used for cutting open the pages of hand-produced books where the folding of printed sheets creates some closed edges that require severing of the paper. Letter openers “evolved” from paper knives into longer, blunter blades for the sole purpose of opening envelopes. Paper knives are no longer in common use, except perhaps by antiques enthusiasts.[1]


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King Arthur’s mini-Dagger with wood stand – Letter opener – Brass

12.60 +VAT

MINIATURE 1 BALL FLAIL (ENGLAND 15TH. C.) – Copper Letter Openner

5.50 +VAT

MINIATURE 2 BALLS FLAIL (ENGLAND, 15TH. C.) – Brass letter Opener

7.05 +VAT

Miniature of barbarian warrior dagger with wooden support (26cm) – LETTER OPENER

19.30 12.60 +VAT

SIGURD’S DAGGER with WOODEN STAND – Letter Opener – Grey

16.13 12.60 +VAT

SIGURD’S DAGGER with WOODEN STAND – Letter Opener -Brass

16.13 12.60 +VAT
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